10 Canadian Transcribers Needed

10 Canadian Transcribers Needed

Date Posted: 02/25/2022
Job Type: N/A

Job Description:

I am looking for ten Canadian transcribers who are superior grads. Our standards are high, but so is our pay. If this works out, I will pull from your school on an as-needed basis.

We do RCMP Police interviews. Transcribers must be able to provide police clearance and sign a confidentiality agreement. We pay once a month. When work has been assigned and accepted, the transcriber must understand they CANNOT miss that date. Judges tend to frown (putting it mildly) when they are not provided what has been requested.

Job Requirements:

TA Grad who resides in Canada.

Contact Information:

Name: Jann Vahey
Email: jann@securescribe.ca