At-Home Transcriptionists Needed

At-Home Transcriptionists Needed

Date Posted: 12/04/2023
Job Type: N/A

Job Description:

First, as info, we cannot, for confidentiality reasons, bring on any contactor who has relatives and/or friends working for our railroads.

Transcribers must sign a confidentiality agreement, agree to re-listen to each project in its entirety and NOT miss a deadline. Ever.

Before assigning any project, we communicate with the contractor to ensure they wish to complete the job and can do it in the timeline provided. There is never an obligation for a contractor to accept a project; the choice is entirely up to them.

The transcript is then typed, re-listened to and returned within the specified timeframe. We pay our contractors a premium rate, but only on the expectation that they re-listen to every word of every transcript they complete every time. No exceptions. Each transcript returned is certified by our trained staff. Because most of our transcripts are used in arbitration-type situations involving union arbitration, we are committed to providing a very high-quality interpretation of the spoken word.

Once the contractor is finished with their project, they submit the completed transcript and an invoice for their work through ShareFile. Should a transcriptionist receive errors in their work on a regular basis, we would have no option but to stop assigning that contractor work.

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Name: CAS Associates