Transcription for Investigation Hearings for Railroads in the United States

Transcription for Investigation Hearings for Railroads in the United States

Date Posted: 03/04/2022
Job Type: N/A

Job Description:

Before assigning any project, we check with the contractor to ensure they wish to complete the job and are able to do it in the timeline provided. There is never an obligation for a contractor to accept a project. The choice is entirely up to them.

The transcript is then typed and MUST be re-listened to. We pay our contractors a premium rate, but only on the expectation that they re-listen to every word of every transcript they complete every time. No exceptions. If the trained transcriptionist feels something in the text is questionable, then they will provide a timestamp and a code which will be further researched during the certification process for those difficult-to-hear portions of the transcript. Each transcript returned is certified by our trained staff. Because the majority of our transcripts are used for legal purposes in arbitration-type situations involving union arbitration, we are committed to providing a very high-quality interpretation of the spoken word.

It is extremely important that every participant is heard clearly so every statement (and even one word comments) are recorded accurately. These hearings are very similar to a typical court hearing. There is a Conducting Officer (which may be a manager/supervisor specifically trained to conduct impartial investigations), the Company witness (normally a manager/supervisor), any witnesses that need to testify on the Company’s behalf, witnesses for the charged employee, and then the charged employee and their union representative.

Once the contractor is finished with their project, they submit the completed transcript and an invoice for their work through ShareFile. They would need to send us an email indicating the work is done. We feel it is very important to have open lines of communication both before and after a project is accepted to ensure there are no missteps along the way. This way, our vendor always receives a quality project on time. There is communication put out from our vendor as well. Should they feel there are errors in a transcript, those errors are shared with us, corrected and then the information passed along to our transcriptionist. Should a transcriptionist receive errors in their work on a regular basis, we would have no option but to stop assigning that contractor work.

***As info, we cannot, for confidentiality reasons, bring on any contactor who has relatives and/or friends working for our railroads***

Contact Information:

Name: CAS Associates