Alison Tuynman

Alison Tuynman

Location: Webster, Wisconsin, United States

About Alison Tuynman

I’ve lived in the Midwest all of my life. I enjoy reading, spelling, traveling to National Parks with my husband, and playing the piano. I’ve been a self-employed cleaner off and on for the past 15 years while trying different work experiences. I recently became certified in General Transcription through the online course offered by Transcribe Anywhere. I’m interested in trying out my transcription skills in the following areas: authors, podcasters, realtors, videographers, editors, journalists, caption typing, or possible proofreading and editing transcripts.

Services Offered by Alison Tuynman

I’m looking to transcribe part-time either as an employee for a company or a sub-contractor. As a new graduate, I lack the experience, but I’m willing to test out my skills and keep learning.

GT Certificate of Achievement Alison Tuynman