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Location: Wisconsin, United States

About Boom! Transcript

My name is Rachel, and I’m the freelance transcriptionist behind Boom! Transcript. I received my certification after graduating the general transcription course at, which is an AAERT-approved school.

I’ve had a passion for writing since I was 12 years old, and because of that, I’ve had a fascination for written language and a desire to learn more about it. People have also told me that I’m a perfectionist, which is a characteristic that I use to my advantage as a transcriptionist. Typing properly spelled and punctuated transcripts isn’t just work for me; it’s fun. And I love that my work exposes me to a variety of discussions.

So let’s get in contact. I’m eager to get started, and I’m looking forward to hearing from you.

Services Offered by Boom! Transcript

I offer fast, accurate, and affordable transcription of interviews,
seminars, meetings, videos, lectures, sermons, focus groups,
podcasts or any other recorded event.

  • Communication, reliability, and flexibility matter to me.
  • As a freelance transcriptionist, I will be communicating directly with you and will be the only one transcribing your files.
  • Your transcript will be created using secure and up-to-date software and will be sent to you on schedule.
  • I’m also eager to work with you to customize your transcript so that it’s most suitable for your needs.

Contact Boom! Transcript

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