Bory Emery Transcription Services

Location: Lytle, Texas, United States

About Bory Emery Transcription Services

I am Boryana Emery. I am a transcriptionist, writing tutor, and language instructor with over 20 years of experience. I specialize in all practical aspects of language: from grammar, punctuation, and syntax to academic reading and writing. My professional experience comes from being a language instructor at the English Language Institute of the American University in Bulgaria for 16 years and a writing tutor for Pearson for over 4 years now. I have taught all levels of English, including absolute beginners. I am dedicated to language, literature, teaching, and transcribing in a way that defines me. The world of words is where I am at my best.

When I teach, I strive to pass on to my students what I know about language. The key to my job is to find ways to explain that reach the largest number of students, regardless of their skills and levels of English. This has been one of the greatest challenges and the greatest pleasures of my profession.

I do transcription work because I believe it is important to record people’s knowledge and experience. A transcript preserves the spoken word and keeps it safe for generations. And, in the process of transcribing, I am enriched with wisdom and knowledge. Everyone has something to say. I am there to capture it with the utmost care.

The focus of everything I do in life is my family. In fact, teaching and transcribing make much more sense because of my family. I am married. My husband, two school-age children, and I live in the wonderful town of Lytle, Texas.

Services Offered by Bory Emery Transcription Services

I offer general transcription services to clients who want to turn their audio/video products into written content. I work with clients who are creating webinars, tutorials, presentations, lectures, seminars, YouTube videos, vlogs, podcasts, and other digitally recorded events and want to have them transcribed. I record the spoken word faithfully, as accurately as possible, applying the best transcription guidelines. I work with standard transcription templates, which I can adjust according to client specifications. With my experience as a linguist and instructor and my training in general transcription, I complete each project with the highest level of professionalism and attention to detail to ensure the quality of the finished product.

Visit for more information about my work. I am easy to reach at and 830-276-0393.

I am looking forward to working on your project!

~ Boryana Emery