Location: Tustin, California, United States

About EJWillTranscribeIt

This is the name of my transcription business:

  • EJ, for my first and middle name.
  • Will, the first 4 letters of my last name that doubles as a helping verb for Transcribe.
  • Transcribe, an action verb that describes what I do, but it also doubles as a clue for the type of business.
  • It, the direct object of the verb which infers the file that a client wants to have transcribed.
  • Therefore, I chose for my business name: EJWillTranscribeIt.

My business concentrates in the area of general transcription. Besides having been trained in general transcription, my background as a teacher has provided me with years of experience with proofreading, editing, and evaluating writing.

I will transcribe any files that fall within the realm of general transcription. I enjoy transcribing newscasts, podcasts, YouTube videos, educational lectures, interviews, sermons, and musical features.

Services Offered by EJWillTranscribeIt

I offer the services of general transcription.