About Freeman, Noble & Stewart Transcriptions

At Freeman, Noble & Stewart, we professionally transcribe your digital audio recordings into written documents including depositions, summaries, interrogatories, client interviews and arbitrations.  Providing an accurate, specific rendering of legal proceedings is paramount so attorneys and law enforcement can have an accurate record of events and testimonies. This helps you be better prepared for your case whether it be taking it to the DA or to trial.

Turn your podcast into a You Tube sensation by increasing your hits.  Having transcriptions of your podcasts make a Google search more likely to identify you and link the searcher to your channel. Adding transcripts with allow search engines to index episodes properly and increase your rank on search engine results pages (SERPS) for those keywords. Episode titles and descriptions don’t have space to summarize all that’s covered in each episode. Having a transcript of the show on your website makes your audio searchable. If you’re an established or up-and-coming podcaster, this can greatly increase your audience.