John Hingson IV

John Hingson IV

Location: Happy Valley, OR, United States

About John Hingson IV

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AAERT-certified legal transcriptionist (CET-1938).  Graduate of Legal Transcription: Theory & Practice by TranscribeAnywhere.

Most recent experience:  2+ solid years at one company transcribing criminal felony trials + hearings in Florida court system, TPR trials, and two large civil federal trials (Pennsylvania venue) with daily transcripts produced as a team effort.  Other miscellaneous transcription was done (e.g. occasional depositions) with that company.

In earlier work experience before that course was graduated and the certification was obtained, depositions, hearings, insurance audio, jail interrogation, federal agency transcription (NRC, DOHA, DISA, and DVA) and other general transcription were all done with supervision since I was not certified back then.

Word Perfect and Microsoft Word are both familiar.  Many types of playback software were learned since Florida has a great variety.  ASR and many word processing software tricks and macros and text expanders are used.  Many file conversion tricks were learned to match the wide variety of playback software.  Highlighting and other tricks are used for enhancing workflow and preventing missed steps.  When last measured around 2 years ago, I was typing at 75+ WPM with the Dvorak, not the QWERTY, keyboard.

Legal transcription is the main area of focus in my day job.  Ideally, I am seeking a new day job with another good court reporting company or similar which can offer good page rates/the opportunity to be fairly compensated for my meticulous attention to detail and punctuation, my diligent research of spelling of proper nouns, my efforts at making the proceeding understandable on the page for people tasked with reading hundreds of pages of legal transcripts, and for generally going above and beyond the call of duty.  500+ audio minutes/week has been a common level of workload recently.

Thank you!