Lauren West Transcription and Proofreading

Lauren West Transcription and Proofreading

Location: Pleasant Hill, California, United States

About Lauren West Transcription and Proofreading

As a lifelong lover of books and language, I have always been drawn to the written word. I was one of those rare students in high school who actually enjoyed studying grammar! Focusing on details also comes naturally to me, so all of these qualities eventually steered me towards proofreading and transcription. I studied the French language for over ten years simply because I love it, earning a minor in college, and that study greatly improved my grasp of English grammar. To further hone my skills, I completed the courses General Transcription: Theory and Practice and General Proofreading: Theory and Practice. 

When I’m not searching for punctuation problems, I can be found mountain or road biking, hiking with my dog, and playing the violin. I also work part-time at a wildlife rehabilitation center.

Feel free to get in touch with any questions. I look forward to working together!

Services Offered by Lauren West Transcription and Proofreading


Proofreading is checking a document for any grammar, punctuation, and spelling errors to provide a clean and accurate final product. I will search for inconsistencies or errors in capitalization, word usage, numbers, and all punctuation. I also check for formatting and layout consistency. The most common writing style I follow is The Chicago Manual of Style (CMOS), but I am competent in The Associated Press Stylebook (AP) as well as APA and MLA styles, and I am happy to comply with any style sheet you wish to provide. 

I proofread a document by using track changes in Microsoft Word or Google Docs or by editing PDF files.


My transcription services include typing audio files into Word documents and then proofreading the transcript, taking  great care to catch every word and ensuring the punctuation is perfect. There are two general forms of transcription: strict verbatim, which includes all the um’s, uh’s, and stutter words; and standard verbatim, which is cleaning it up and removing all those little words. I am competent in either style and can also include time codes if desired.  

I offer proofreading and transcription services for a wide variety of topics, including articles, essays, manuscripts, e-books, blogs, social media posts, cover letters, newsletters, website content, podcasts, interviews, and much more.