Megan Transcribes

Location: Hermosa Beach, California, United States

About Megan Transcribes

Since COVID -19 hit, I decided to look for a new line of work that would allow me to implement my love of storytelling and my technological savviness. I completed the Transcribe Anywhere course in August 2020. This course is the only transcription course certified by the AAERT. I have since typed for Echotext in Los Angeles, CA.

I am also an actor. As an actor I work with text on a daily basis. I am now able to exercise my love for story and implement it into another facet of my career. I can help turn your audio/video files into text to better help share your story with the world. If you have a podcast that you’re looking to reach more people? Let me type for you. If you need an interview to be transformed into text-form… Let me type for you! I look forward to meeting you and working together!

Services Offered by Megan Transcribes

  • Audio / Video + Time-Coding
  • Single Speakers or Multiple Speakers
  • Strict Verbatim or Standard Verbatim
  • Poor Audio
  • Foreign Accents

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