Norman Transcription

Location: Tucson, AZ, United States

About Norman Transcription

Norman Transcription offers fast, accurate, and affordable transcription of interviews, seminars, meetings, videos, lectures, webcasts, podcasts, medical, or any other recorded event.

Accurate: I provide accurate and professional transcription services, personally converting your video or audio recording to written word text with correct spelling, grammar, and punctuation to make it easily readable and accessible. I use a multi-step process to ensure accuracy.

Reliable: Pricing is always transparent. I will adhere to your preferences and guidelines and get the job done on time, communicating as needed to ensure the text meets your expectations and specifications.

Secure: I provide secure file transfer, client confidentiality (experienced with HIPAA and FERPA), and use virus protection and file backup systems.

Services Offered by Norman Transcription

I am a general transcriptionist, specializing in transcription of qualitative research.  Using my formal education in science and teaching and my professional experience in medicine, I can transcribe your research interviews accurately and efficiently.

I also have experience transcribing financial presentations and focus groups.