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Josiah Hazard General TranscriptionistNeed your podcast, interview, business meeting, webinar, seminar, lecture, tutorial, focus group session, recorded call, or just about anything else accurately transcribed? Hi! My name is Josiah Hazard, and I can help. My work comes with a 99% accuracy guarantee. I’ll deliver on time, or you don’t pay. I also do captioning.


7-Day Delivery: $1.00/audio minute
3-Day Delivery: $1.25/audio minute
48-Hour Delivery: $1.50/audio minute

Full Verbatim: +$0.50/audio minute
Time-Stamping: +$0.25/audio minute
Poor Audio: +$0.25–1.00/audio minute
Captioning: +$0.50/audio minute

Free 5-minute quality sample for new clients
10% off bulk orders above 5 hours
15% off bulk orders above 50 hours

*Depending on the amount of work you need done, some delivery times may not be available
(e.g. 100 hours of audio cannot be transcribed within 48 hours). If you have a large quantity of work, we can negotiate a delivery time.


What payment and file-transfer methods do you use?
I use PayPal and the file-transfer method of your choice.

Can I request specific spelling, formatting, and punctuation styles?
Yes. By default, I use American English spelling and usually follow The Chicago Manual of Style, 17th ed., and the online Merriam-Webster Dictionary.

What does a 99% accuracy guarantee mean to you?
It means that I guarantee 99% of all words and punctuation marks will be correct. Inaudible words will be marked with an [inaudible] or [crosstalk] tag, and that would not count as an error. I strive for 100% accuracy and the least amount of inaudible tags as possible. If you do find a transcript below the 99% accuracy standard, return it to me. I’ll correct all errors immediately, and you’ll receive a 50% discount.

What if you don’t deliver my transcript by the time agreed upon?
You’ll still get the full transcript, and you won’t pay a penny for it.

Don’t see what you’re looking for? Reach out to me, and I’ll get back to you shortly.

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