About The Podcast Transcriptionist

Do you have a podcast? A YouTube channel? A meeting or presentation? Any other medium with audio that needs to be transcribed into the written word? There are plenty of tools and apps out there that will transcribe your audio, but none of them can come close to the accuracy of having a human transcribe your words. Having a written transcript for your audio ensures that your work gets into the hands of a wider audience. Not only will folks who are deaf or hard of hearing (or anyone who prefers to read rather than listen) be able to engage themselves in your work and be privy to your message, but having your work transcribed will also make certain it is found in search engines. 

I have a keen eye for editing, proofreading, understanding the way people communicate with one another and deciphering vocal inflection. I am comfortable with sensitive topics and have experience transcribing the words of folks from diverse backgrounds. LGBTQ+ friendly.

Services Offered by The Podcast Transcriptionist

Clearly, I transcribe more than just podcasts! Allow me to use my expertise to help you make sure that your words reach the audience that it is intended for. 

What Clients Are Saying About The Podcast Transcriptionist

I’ve hosted a podcast since 2017 and recognize the difficulty in transcribing an episode. What Rachel has done in the month we’ve been connected has been far more than I could have accomplished over the course of a year transcribing. In the time I’ve worked with Rachel for her transcription services, I recognize her for her speed, attention to detail, and communication. With transcribing, it’s pretty self-explanatory work, however, I get the human feel from her. Even though Rachel isn’t exclusively working on Something Positive for Positive People’s podcast episode transcriptions, it feels like she is, and as a business owner, any one trusted task delegated to a person who is consistent and communicative takes a massive load off and allows me to further invest efforts into the other things that need my attention. I strongly recommend Rachel for your transcription needs.

-Courtney Brame