About Transcribed by Joan

Transcribed by Joan offers fast, accurate, and affordable transcription of your podcast, presentation, interview, instructional video, meeting, lecture, sermon, infomercial, hearing or deposition, to name a few.

Transcription agencies hire literally hundreds of faceless transcribers—often from all over the world—and chances are good that you’ll never get the same person twice.  Moreover, these agencies’ pay is often abysmal, which attracts workers with questionable skills and results in poor-quality transcripts.

Transcription is my niche. I have a fascination with the English language and refer to myself as a wordsmith.  My training and decades of experience—not to mention my attention to details and work ethic—will give you one less thing to worry about.

Since I will be the one creating your transcript, I’ll spend the time to develop an ongoing relationship with you to understand your needs.  My goal is to give you professional, consistent results at a fair price.