Washington Transcription Services

Location: Cranston, Rhode Island, United States

About Washington Transcription Services

I am a writer and a transcriptionist. I love words, and I love helping companies put together a transcription of their audio — be it a podcast, interview, or whatever — and turn it into a readable transcript for everyone to enjoy.

What are my credentials? I have a certificate in General Transcription from Transcribe Anywhere. I also have over five years of experience as a freelance contractor transcribing various types of audio.

Let’s face it; in today’s world, we all want to be found online. To do that, we have to embrace SEO, and to do that; you have to have a transcript for your audio or video. Having an easily searchable transcript to be found by your potential audience as a business owner or influencer is vital to your success!

Let me help!

Services Offered by Washington Transcription Services

The services I offer are general transcription of audio and video files and proofreading of those files. As a graduate of the Transcribe Anywhere general transcription course, I have proficiency in English grammar, fast turnaround times, and the ability to utilize resources effectively.

  • Typing proficiency of 90-103 wpm with 97% accuracy
  • Certified in general transcription
  • The ability to work well with others on teams, as well as alone
  • Resourceful and creative problem-solving capabilities
  • Over five years of experience in transcription